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Top-Notch Business Luncheon Location

What does it take to craft a successful business luncheon? The answer is simple. Understanding a few meeting rules-of-thumb and choosing the best luncheon location are both crucial to confidently scheduling a meeting. Knowing that your location is comfortable and stylish, with delicious cuisine, will help you achieve a comfortable, pleasant meeting that ends well—and set a positive trajectory for the rest of the day.

If this is true, two follow-up questions are necessary. What luncheon meeting tips should be followed to ensure success? And with these in your back pocket, what should you look for in a top-notch business luncheon location?

Tips for a Successful Business Luncheon

Keep a few, general rules-of-thumb in your mind during your luncheon, and you’ll greatly increase your chance for success.

  • Clear Agenda. Enter the meeting with clear, pre-determined objectives. Be flexible, be friendly, engage in discussion, but decide on an agenda before stepping foot in the door. Engaging in discussion around a meal is helpful to relieve tension, relax all parties, and build relationships. However, don’t let this distract you from accomplishing your objectives.
  • Ask Questions. Ask good questions. Especially in-between business-related conversations, think of a couple engaging questions. Ensure that everyone attending the luncheon has a chance to speak up, talk about themselves, and deepen acquaintances. If your luncheon is an interview, the same applies. As an interviewer, asking good, purposeful questions is stitched into your job description. As an interviewee, you should ask questions too! Select some solid questions before the meeting. Ask about your prospective position, company, or management.
  • Ignore Your Phone. Of course, if you’re expecting an important call, or if you’re in the midst of a vital conversation, don’t ignore these things. However, if you don’t absolutely need to focus on your phone for the duration of the luncheon—don’t. It is rude and doesn’t contribute to the positive, healthy discussion that will accomplish your predetermined purposes. Keep this in mind.
  • Take Care of the Check. Especially if you hosted the luncheon, picking up the check is a great practice and a way to demonstrate hospitality.

A Top-Notch Business Luncheon Location

Armed with these helpful tips, where should you meet? Two simple qualifications help to define an ideal place: a comfortable, stylish atmosphere and delicious cuisine.

  • Comfort and Style. Comfort and style do not have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, tastefully paired in the same space, they create an ideal atmosphere for luncheon success. Though formal and professional, your experience will be relaxed. This eliminates the unnecessary distraction of discomfort.
  • Delicious Cuisine. An ideal business luncheon location must offer delicious, varied food. Fresh, authentic cuisine eliminates yet another avoidable distraction: dissatisfied meeting members. A wide variety allows every member to order something they truly enjoy. 

Top-Notch Business Luncheon Location

Choose Che Figata for Your Next Luncheon

Che Figata is an authentic Italy-to-table experience presented in a stylish, comfortable atmosphere, providing for an ideal business luncheon location. Our menu provides an extensive variety, ensuring that every meeting member finds something they love. From pasta, salads, and soups to pizza and grilled entrees, there is something for everyone on our menu. We are your top-notch business luncheon location! Make a reservation today and prepare for a successful meeting.