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What's For Dinner?

Our philosophy is that good eating and shopping should not be limited to connoisseurs. Every day, at Che Figata, our Market will be stocked with the finest products at the peak of freshness, including house-made pastas and sauces; to-go salads, sandwiches and dinners; hard-to-find Italian ingredients; traditional breads, cheeses, and meats; authentic seasonings and spices; and a cellar overflowing with the finest Italian wines. We’ll even feature a Recipe of the Day, with all the ingredients ready to be plucked for a “Take Che Figata Home” dining experience.

When you support the Che Figata market, you support small, independent farmers, fishermen, butchers, bakers, and cheesemakers who tackle their specialty using old-world methods and the guiding hand of a master craftsman. The Market will open every day at 7 am.


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Featured Market Item

O’vesuvio Pomodori Semi Dry Tomatoes
O’vesuvio Pomodori Semi Dry Tomatos

Grown in the southern region of Campania, near Mount Vesuvius, the Vesuvio Piennolo cherry tomato is considered one of the best tomatoes in the world. Their superb quality and sweetness sets them apart other Italian tomato varieties and makes them a true treasure of the Che Figata market.  

Italian Wine To Take Home

At Che Figata, we curated a collection of small production, high-quality, family-owned estates with deep connections to their vineyards and regional traditions. All of the wine selections on our restaurant menu are available for purchase in the Market.